Antibakterielle Ag+ toothbrushes

Double Bristle Technology

Bristles are made up of two layers: 
  • The first layer is rounded (Dental Floss Technology). This layer keeps toothpaste from overflow and massages gums to create comfortable feeling.
  • The internal feather layer (B) is split into millions of tiny bristles to clean and beat the most difficult dental plaques in order to whiten your teeth.

SAN Plastic Technology

The luxurious brush handle is manufactured from primary SAN plastic, which is transparent like crystal, anti-bacterial, heatproof, chemically resistant and permanently not moldy.


 Silver nano technology kills 99.9% bacteria

The silver nano technology electrolyzes silver molecules (Ag+) into extremely minute ions that deeply penetrate into bristles to kill 99.9% bacteria and deodorize completely. In addition, the brush is not impacted and influenced by external environment.