CocoCannabis toothpaste

das experten CocoCannabis toothpaste not only prevents the oral cavity inflammation and variables that can cause cavities and decay, but due to the cannabinoids in hemp oil also act as a bone stimulant, which means it can also assist in helping to repair damaged teeth and bone structure. Besides it helps to strengthen the walls capillaries in the mouth and cares about the health of the gums. Thanks to its high regenerative capacity the toothpaste fights agianst stomatitis, gingivitis and many other inflammatory problems of the oral cavity.

Destruction of the jawbone in periodontitis is related to specific mediators causing inflammation and resorption of bone. New research in animal studies has shown that hemp oil will decrease this inflammation and prevent destruction of the jawbone that is part of the progression of periodontitis.
It is possible that supplemental hemp oil based cannabinoids could improve healing of teeth, gum and bones by reducing these damaging effects caused by advanced gum disease.